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Brain Analytics Tests is your IQ tests on steroids. It provides you insight in your IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ and 9 multiple intelligences. It also tells you how you learn best, your personality, best course choices and possible career opportunities.
Brain Smarter Workshops are for students to develop their skills in emotional intelligence, leadership, school subjects, and extra curricular activities in partnership with The SmartClub Frisco Texas.
We also help schools, Montessori and Afterschool programs to improve performance of teachers and provide additional resources for counselors to better guide students in their educational and professional careers.

Our mission is to inspire students to achieve more

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Meet The Team
  1. Dr. Bob Kramer, M.D.
    Graduated Cum Laude from Brown University, Graduated from Yale University and completed his MBA at Harvard University.
  2. Mr. Mohsin Veerani
    Graduated from Southern Methodist University, and Instructed Class on Innovations in IT at University of North Texas.
  3. Dr. Meenakshi Singh
    Founder of SmartClub Frisco
    Successfully prepared 98% of her students to be exceptionally gifted and talented and hosts weekly workshops for students.
  4. Dr. Ruth Whitely, LPC
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
    Also the founder of Mental Health with Dr. Ruth in Greenville, Texas, and an instructor at A&M Commerce.
  5. Daniel Puder
    Founder of My Life My Power to stop bullying across the nation and a Professional MMA Fighter.
  6. Mr. Lawrence Ford
    Harvard Graduate, Program Director for IT_ology and Program Advisor for NeuroUplift Programs.