Case Studies
We evaluated 100 individuals after using the technology. Find out what they think about it.
100% of Admin Authorities at Academic Institutions
Agree that the results of this analysis provides baseline data for administrators
that can be used to enhance policies and guidelines 
in regards to personalizing teaching and career guidance programs.
100% of Guidance Counselors
Agree that this helps to critically assess the inherent acumen and aptitude of a student
and assists in the continual mapping of student development and talent growth
and provide input into understanding one's areas of intelligences.
100% of Teachers and Faculty
Agree that the results can be used to identify a students intelligence profile,
recognize their strenths and work with their challenged areas
and help them be more successful by being more engaged, confident and motivated.
98% of Parents
Agree that this has an active impact in helping them identify and understand 
their children's talents, aptitudes, skills, learning styles, behaviors and potentials
and provide them with an important basis to consult their children about careers.
97% of Students
Agree that this provides inputs about their personality, aptitudes and skills
and brings awareness to their strengths and weaknesses
and give input in regards to course selection and the career planning process
and builds growth mindsets about what they can bring to their workplace after college.