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Brain Analytics helps counselors, teachers and parents to improve learning, behavior and career readiness in their students. 

*These are the results of personalizing learning

Increased Student Engagement


Teacher Performance


Improved Test


Better Attendance


Unleash the Power of Education Technology

Simplify lesson planning
Tailor the curriculum towards each students academic needs, innate aptitudes for learning and their strengths and limitations.
Promote growth mindsets
Metacognition, awareness of one's mental processes allows students to make wiser decisions. A teacher can use this to their advantage.
Improve communications
Create a better environment for the student by adapting to their innate personality, learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. 
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Students deserve a chance for self-discovery
In a world of global competence students must utilize their strengths to make greater progress

How It Works
Case Studies

Why Educators Use Brain Analytics

Kindergarten Readiness


America's rank in education


Dropouts in 2012




These rankings above show the weaknesses of the education system in America. We believe that when Brain Analytics gets in the hand of every teacher and parent these numbers will improve.

​100% of Education Administrators agree that this provides them with baseline data to personalize teaching and career guidance programs and  100% of guidance counselors agree that this will help to critically assess the inherent acumen and aptitude of the student.

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Case Studies
What Educators Say
  1. Lenita Dunlap
    As Executive Director of Heart House, I believe NeuroUplift is a viable partner. Access to this type of technology and assessment would give us the tools to better serve our students.
    Lenita Dunlap
  2. Lenita Dunlap
    I am always looking for materials/programs to help close the achievement gap. MindMark would help us to further tailor and individualize a program designed with my students needs in mind.
    Lenita Dunlap
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